7th-9th MARCH 2024

The Sid James Victor Harbor Triathlon – Introducing VICTOR226!

Welcome to the Sid James Victor Harbor Triathlon, the biggest event on the South Australian triathlon calendar, and it’s about to get even bigger! Since its inception, this race has become a must-do event, showcasing the stunning oceanside town of Victor Harbor.

Introducing VICTOR226 – Our Biggest Event Ever!

In 2025, we are excited to bring you VICTOR226, a new triathlon challenge that will push athletes to their limits. Spanning three days, this broken Iron Distance event will take you through some of the most breathtaking locations on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Event Schedule:

Day 1 (Friday, March 7th):
– 2300m Swim
– 100km Bike
– 11.1km Run

Day 2 (Saturday, March 8th):
– 40km Bike
– 21.1km Run

Day 3 (Sunday, March 9th):

– 1500m Swim
– 40km Bike
– 10km Run 

– 3.8km Swim
– 180km Bike
– 42.2km Run

This unique format allows competitors to experience the full Iron Distance challenge in a new and exciting way, testing their endurance and versatility across different disciplines and terrains.

Join us for the 30th Anniversary of the Sid James Victor Harbor Triathlon, where VICTOR226 will debut. This event will not only honor Sid’s legacy but also set the stage for an unforgettable triathlon experience.

Are you ready to take on the ultimate triathlon challenge?

Mark your calendars and prepare to push your limits at VICTOR226!


Course Maps


SWIM 2300m

BIKE 100Km

RUN 11.1km

BIKE 40km

RUN 21.1km



Entry Fees

Entry Fees:

Triathlon Australia Member: $700.00

Non Triathlon Australia Member (Includes Insurance): $750.00

What’s Included

The entry fee covers and includes:

-Day 1, Day 2 Event distances & Race Entry Fee for the Sid James Victor Harbor Triathlon Olympic Distance Event 

– Race Briefing: Food and drink for 1 athlete

– 3 x Massages: One massage at the end of each stage for the athlete

– 2 x Crew T-Shirts

– Finisher or Participant Award and other Merchandise

-Priority Bike Racking Spot at the Sid James Victor Harbor Triathlon

-Separate Wave for the Sid James Victor Harbor Triathlon 

***During the Sid James Victor Harbor Triathlon Olympic Distance Event, you will still be competing in the award categories  for both the Victor226 and the Sid James Victor Harbor Triathlon (eg. You can win your age group in the Sid James Victor Harbor Triathlon).***

What’s Not Included

The entry fee does not cover:

– Accommodation

– Transportation to and from Victor Harbor

– Meals

– Nutritional needs

– Other race supplies

– Vehicle expenses

– Expenses associated with support crew, including coffee breaks 😉

Payment Process

Entry fees will be charged to the credit card provided during registration once the athlete completes the registration process. After  payments are processed, the Refunds & Withdrawals rules will apply.

Refunds and Withdrawals

Once you’ve secured your spot for Victor226, we totally understand that life can throw curveballs, so if you find yourself needing to withdraw from the event, here’s what you need to know about refunds:

Up until 7 months prior to the event: 75% refund.

Up until 4 months prior to the event: 50% refund.

But once we’re within that 4-month window, no refunds will be offered for withdrawals.

Just a heads-up: All refunds are final once they’ve been processed so please contact us via email.

We always strive to keep things fair, but filling spots last minute can be a real challenge. Thanks for understanding, and we can’t wait to see you crush it at Victor226!


Important Notes

– Ensure your registration details are accurate to avoid any issues with payment and invitation acceptance.

– Prepare for additional expenses not covered by the entry fee to ensure a smooth and successful event experience.

Athletes will be Self Supported and will rely heavily on their support crews, which can include family and friends, for assistance throughout the event. It’s recommended that each athlete has at least one adult support crew member.

You will have 8 hours to complete the Day 1 and Day 2  event distances.

There will be check in points along the way with timing cutoffs that will be communicated to you leading up to the event.

– Each team will be provided with two numbers for their crew vehicle. One number should be placed on the lower right (driver’s side) of the back windshield and the other on the lower left (passenger’s side) front windshield.

Athletes and their crews must adhere to the official course for Day 1 and Day 2 as outlined by Pushing Limits Events. Deviating from the official course can result in time penalties or disqualification.

Course Guidelines:

– No time credits or adjustments will be made for athletes who fail to follow the proper course.

– Efforts will be made to mark each intersection on the course.

– Detailed course descriptions and route maps will be provided to each athlete and crew.

Competitors will be divided into ten-year age groups starting from 20-29 years of age. All competitors must be at least 20 years old on race day.

Athletes who disobey the rules set by Pushing Limits Events may be disqualified.

Medical support will be available at the Finish Line and, where possible, in vehicles for emergencies. Athletes are responsible for their own basic first aid and should carry essential items like band-aids, blister/strapping tape, chafe cream, and sunscreen.

– Be aware of the effects of dehydration and extreme fatigue.

– If you feel unfit to continue, contact the Pushing Limits Events Team on the race day phone number to withdraw.

Adequate planning is crucial for a smooth and safe race. Athletes must train, inform, organize, and prepare their support teams well in advance.

Planning Tips:

– Provide your support team with copies of event information and any schedule adjustments.

– It’s recommended that athletes and their support teams drive the entire course before the event to plan stops for nutrition, hydration, and restroom breaks.

Attendance at the race briefing is compulsory for all athletes. Athletes and crews must register before the start of the Pre-Event/Race sessions. While all support team members are encouraged to attend, those who cannot be briefed by the athlete

Event Date: March 7th – March 9th, 2025

Race Briefing: Thursday 8th March TBA

Mandatory Attendance: Athletes and Support Team Captains

Contact: Pushing Limits Events Team for race day issues

We will be launching a full in depth Athlete and Event Guide shortly with extensive information but for now this can get you started!

By covering all the essentials and anticipating additional needs, you can focus on the race and enjoy the unparalleled experience of the VICTOR226.